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Get Started Insert SIM card The phone is a Dual SIM mobile phone allowing you to use the facility of two networks. To insert SIM card(s): 1. Switch off the mobile phone and remove the rear cover and battery. 2. Insert the SIM card correctly in the card slot(s) (See figure below)

SIM1 Card SIM 2 Card

3. Finally insert the battery and replace the rear cover of the mobile phone.



Insert Memory card 1. Power off the mobile phone and remove the rear cover and battery. 2. Insert the Micro SD card into the slot. 3. Finally insert the battery and the rear cover of the mobile phone. Note: Use only compatible memory cards for use with this device. Incompatible memory cards may damage the card or the device and corrupt the data stored in the card.

Micro SD card

Charge the Battery or Connect to a Computer You can charge your battery using the charger or connect the USB cable (supplied with this phone) to the computer. Note: Please use the specific battery, otherwise it may cause explosion. 3


Keys and Parts The smart phone supports 3G Card and gives you marvelous feelings to experience on Camera, Video recorder, FM radio, Music and Sound recorder. Let you install various APPs, games, and more (supports APK format) by downloading from Android Market.
Headset port Volume

USB Jack Front camera

Camera Lens




Menu Back





Lock and Unlock the Screen Press power button to enter Sleep mode and meanwhile the screen will be locked; press power button again to wake up and then drag the lock to the right side to unlock.



Make it yours 1) Home screen: It is your starting point to access all the features on your phone. It displays application icons, widgets, shortcuts, and other features. 2) Notification Bar: At the top of the screen, the Status bar displays the time, status, and notifications. If there is a new message, missed call or something in the notification bar, you can drag it down to open notification panel and click the desired one to have a view. When you finished, you can close it by dragging the panel up or pressing "Back". 3) Launcher: Touch the Launcher icon at the bottom of the screen to view all installed applications. Home screen

Notification Bar

Launcher 6


Add Widgets and more icons to Home Screen Adding widgets and icons to home screen Enter Launcher and long press and hold an application till the screen vibrates, and then release your finger hold. Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen a). Long press and hold the widget or icon you want to move. Once the phone vibrates, don't release your hold on the icon. Drag the widget or icon to a new location on the screen. b. Press and hold on an icon till the phone vibrates, and drag the widgets or icon to remove!



Enter Launcher Open and Switch Applications The Launcher holds icons for all of the applications on your phone, including any application that you downloaded from Android Market or other sources. On the Home screen, touch the Launcher Icon to open the main menu.
Slide the Launcher left or right to bring more icons into view.

Touch an application to open it.

Press Home icon or Back icon to close the Launcher.



Switch to Recently Used Application Press and hold the icon for a few seconds.

Touch to open the application



Make a Call On the start screen choose phone number to make a call. and enter a complete

Make a call

Slide the screen to right Slide the screen to right



Call Log In call log options, you can Make a call, add new contact and send message etc. short press this place.
short press this place to add the new Contact.

Touch the icon to Dial out. Short press this place.



Reject a Call by Sending a Busy Message While there is an incoming call, you are inconvenient to accept the call, and then you can send a busy message for rejecting the call. Drag the circle up to , some busy messages will show on the screen, short tap any of them to send out.



Add a Contact Tap and enter Contacts and then add a contact (see figure below.) Tap "+" to add a new contact to Phone or SIM card.



Send and Receive Message(s) Enter Messaging, and then compose new message. You touch a text field where you want to enter text, to open the keyboard.

tap this to add attached
Tap this to select

Touch once to capitalize the next letter you type. Touch and hold for caps.

Press space

a. When you are composing a new text message, you can select text for cutting or copying. The selected text is highlighted in blue. Touch the text field or portion that contains text. (see the below figure)



You can select all contexts, copy, cut and paste.

b. When a new message comes, you can read by dragging notification panel and click the message, or entering Message to read it directly. 1. Long press one of the all message thread, you can delete the message thread. 2. Touch and hold a message in a message conversation window.



3. Touch Forward in the menu that opens. 4. Add a contact. 5. Touch Send icon to send the message.



Browse the Web a. Set up Internet/Data connection Enter Settings Wireless & networks More, scroll down to find out Mobile network, and then enter "Access Points Names, choose the desired WAP account.


Switch on Data connection or Wi-Fi
Touch it to switch on ooff Data connection

To browse the web, you need switch on Data connection. If there is Wi-Fi around, you can switch on Wi-Fi to use it browse the web. Some may need password. 17


Enjoy Music When you copy music to your SD card, the Music player searches the card for music files and builds a catalog of your music, based on information about each file that is stored in the file itself.
Touch a tab view your library in one of four ways. Touch to open



Download Applications From Android Market a. Add a Google account

b. Enter Android Market (Play Store) and download apps.



Manage Applications/ Move to SD card Enter Setting Apps, then manage the applications. As you install downloaded Apps, you need switch on "Unknown sources" in Security settings.



EC COMPLIANCY DECLARATION The company Brondi S.p.A., with legal headquarters in Via B. Gozzoli n. 60-00142 Roma and operative base in Via Guido Rossa 3-10024 Moncalieri (TO), declaration that the device GLORY complies with all the requirements specified in the 95/5/CE European Directive Concerning radio and equipment and that it complies with the following telecommunication regulations EN300328 V1.7.1, EN301511 V9.0.2, EN3011489-1 V1.9.2, V2.1.1 ,

EN301489-7 V1.3.1, EN60950-1 :2006 +


A11 : 2009 + A1 :2010 + A12 2011 ,

EN50360 : 2001

The compliance with the above mentioned requirements is shown by the label

The product complies with the 89/336/CEE Directive relating to the electromagnetic compliancy and with the 73 /23 /CEE(low voltage) concerning safety regulations.



BRONDI S.p.A. [email protected]



September 30, 2012




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